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19 September 2016

Be at One Nottingham Opening Night

When I heard that a new cocktail bar was opening in Nottingham, I knew that I had to go and try it out. Nottingham has a vibrant night life already, and I was excited to see what this new Cocktail Bar had to offer.

We arrived down some low lit stairs into the spacious bar, as soon as we entered the room the staff were extremely attentive, handing us a menu and asking us about our evening. It was amazing to be made to feel so welcome.

The décor has a sophisticated, art deco vibe. There is plush red leather seating, deep green walls and amazing light fixtures. The bar was impressively stocked and the lighting provided a brilliant atmosphere.

Even the toilets were incredibly beautiful, I took a sneaky Instagram picture which you can see here!

We took our seats and browsed the cocktail menu, and wow! There is definitely something for everyone, with an impressive 150 cocktails to choose from!

It took us some time to decide, we were hugely spoilt for choice. In the end I went for the very decadent Brazilian Monk. An Ice Cream cocktail made up with; Vanilla Ice cream, Frangelico (Hazelnut Liqueur), Crème de Cacao (Chocolate liqueur) and Kahlua (Coffee liqueur). I can confirm that it was divine, like drinking a rich frozen chocolate milkshake. We also had the bonus of it being Happy Hour, so I got the pleasure of having two of these heavenly delights!

Stephen opted for The Raspberry Lynchburg. This cocktail was a fruity, fizzy concoction of; Jack Daniels, Chambord, Raspberry puree, Lemon Juice, Egg white and Lemonade. This cocktail was right up my street! I often opt for the sweet, fruity cocktails and this ticked all the boxes, it definitely tantalised the taste buds.

For round two, Stephen had a mocktail by the name of Bean, all of the buzz, with no alcohol. This is perfect for all of you designated drivers! Bean is made up of; Espresso, Milk, Cream, Sugar Syrup and Orgeat Syrup.

I on the other hand opted for another cocktail and chose the Blueberry Muffin, which literally tasted like Christmas captured in a cocktail! This delicious drink delivers a mix of different notes. On first taste you get the burst of Blueberry Jam, sweet and tangy. Then as the drink goes down you can really taste the warmth of the Gingerbread Syrup. Extraordinarily tasty. I could have definitely drank more of these!

Be At One has a fantastic atmosphere, and the staff were really enthusiastic, inviting and helpful.
Unfortunately we only managed to sample a drop of the 150 fabulous cocktails on offer, but we definitely plan on making another visit very soon. Popster, the Popcorn topped cocktail, is top of my list for the next visit!

For delicious cocktails, good service and a brilliant atmosphere I would highly recommend stopping off at Be at One.
What Cocktail would you go for?

14 September 2016

Twenty Travels In My Twenties

If you know me, then you'll know how much I love to travel. I've been very lucky to visit so many incredible places over the past few years that it has just furthered my passion for travel. My favourite travel memory so far has been backpacking for a whole month around Europe with my wonderful Fiancé. We saw all the sights, ate all the food and had the most wonderful adventure together.

 I tell Stephen almost weekly about another place we need to go to and start dreaming up all things I would love to do in said place. Over the past few years i've read plenty of travel blogs and followed all their Instagram's so I decided to write up this post to put all of my own my Travel Bucket List plans in one place. I want to explore more of what our world has to offer, so why not start now? Here are my Twenty in my Twenties;

1. Visit New York at Christmas, take an empty case and fill it with all my amazing finds.

2. Spend the day listening to the crystal blue Caribbean sea lap the pure white sand, all whilst losing myself in a good book.

3. Spot a bear whilst camping in Canada.

4. Search for the Big 5 on an African Safari.

5. See the stunning Northern lights in Iceland.

6. Have a Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

7. Place a bet in Vegas.

8. Take one of Trek America's sensational tours.

9. Go Glamping in the beautiful British countryside.

10. Stroll through the white washed buildings of Santorini.

11. Drink Mulled wine at a German Christmas Market.

12. Spend a Crisp autumn weekend in a log cabin, fire roaring and a hot chocolate in hand.

13. Get spendy in Milan.

14. Take a Gondola ride in Venice.

15. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

16. Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

17. Have a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.

18. Go on a cruise.

19. Have afternoon tea in London.

20. Take in the beauty of the Duomo di Firenze, Florence.

So that's my current list for travel I want to achieve in my twenties, it's always growing and changing, so i'm excited to see what I manage to tick off!

I also love writing reflective posts as they just remind you of how far you've come, so I thought I would include some of the things I've already been fortunate enough to tick off on my Bucket List!

- Drink Guinness in Dublin.

-  Climb Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

- Explore the Markets of Barcelona

- Admire the View from the Eiffel Tower in Paris

- Eat Pizza in Rome (and tiramisu, gelato & coffee..woops!)

- See the leaning tower of Pisa

- Visit the Baths in Hungary.

- See the Berlin Wall.

- Watch the Astronomical Clock in Prague.

- Dodge the Bicycles of Amsterdam.

- Discover ancient Egypt.

So there we have a handful of my most memorable travel moments. A lot of these photo's were taken before I got into blogging, hence the quality difference! But I felt like I really wanted to share them on here, as they are very important to me. I look forward to tackling this twenty in my twenties list and have a go at improving both my travel photography and writing.

What's your most memorable travel moment?

6 September 2016

Covershoot Cosmetics Review*

When I was contacted by Covershoot Cosmetics to see if I would be interested in trying out their new line of cosmetics, I jumped at the chance. I love discovering brands and trying out new looks with my make-up. I'm constantly changing it up, and striving to improve my skills. Covershoot Cosmetics are a newly emerging, affordable, make-up brand, that already have a few products released in Savers and Poundland. I was intrigued to find out more about their range.

When my Blogger Box arrived, I couldn't wait to get stuck in and test out the products. I loved the presentation, from the simple classic box, to the pretty pink paper. There had definitely been some thought put into the whole presentation.

 Inside my box, there was; An eyebrow kit, A contour kit, a grey smokey eye palette, a neon bright eye palette & a Twist Pot nail varnish remover.

I first tested out the Grey Smoky eye palette. I love the smooth, easy to blend texture of these shadows. They apply so easily, and the pigmentation is buildable, from a subtle smoky look, to a striking, glamorous evening look.  Another thing I love is the shade range. To say that the palette only has 5 shades, they cover all angles perfectly. You have the lightest shade for your brow and inner corner highlight, two lid shades (if your going for a more subtle look, you could use the lighter lid shade all over, and the middle one as your crease defining colour). Then there's two crease colours, again, depending on how striking you want the look to be, you can use either, for two completely different looks. The packaging is simple, easy to clean and compact, making it convenient to pop in your make-up bag. It's the perfect little travel palette.

I'm not going to lie, this palette scared me a bit! If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge lover of a neutral smoky eye. So being faced with the prospect of a neon palette really daunted my play-it-safe self. However, that being said, these colours are going to be perfect for creating unique make-up looks, and gave me an amazing idea for a Halloween look that I will be creating very soon - Keep your eyes peeled! Similarly to the grey smoky palette the pigmentation is good and very buildable. They blend together easily and apply smoothly.

The Contour Kit is one of my favourite products by Covershoot Cosmetics. It consists of three cream colours; one dark contour colour, one medium bronzer and one highlight colour.
For my paler skin, I decided to use the bronzer as my contour, which was the perfect match. It applied so well and didn't smudge my other face products. It was easy to build up the colour, and achieve the look I wanted. Another bonus to this contour kit is it wasn't orange and there's no shimmer in it, which I was really pleased about. It really creates a lovely warm natural glow to the face. What I also love is the fact that it comes with a 'how to' guide on the inside of the lid, which shows you where to apply the products. This is great if  your new to the world of contouring and highlighting, as you will find it much easier to use! It's the perfect little kit for any starter make-up bag and I would say it's definitely a make-up staple.
 The Eyebrow Kit is similar to the contour kit in the fact that it comes with an easy to follow guide, perfect to help you get those brows looking striking. I particularly love how it's a complete set, containing the cutest mini tweezers and handy angled brush. Again it's perfect for those of you who are looking to build the foundations of your make-up kit, or for travelling, as it's so compact, yet has all you need! The pigmentation, like other Covershoot Cosmetics powders, is really lovely and very buildable. However, unfortunately for me, the beige colour is still a tad too dark for my very blonde brows, but it's the perfect kit for those of you lovely dark browed ladies. Since Brows have been the fore front of every beauty regime this year, this palette would be really useful at making applying your brows in the morning effortless.
 The final product I got to test out in my Blogger Box is this little beauty! The Twist Pot Nail Varnish Remover. This is seriously my new holy grail nail product, I've never found it easier to remove my nail varnish. You simply dip your finger inside the pot, which has sponges soaked in nail varnish remover inside, give it a few twists, remove your finger, Et Voila! The nail polish is all gone. No faffing around with cotton wool stuck to your fingers, or using half a bottle of remover on one finger. So simple to use and mess free! It doesn't smell too bad either which is always a bonus!


Overall, I'm really impressed by Covershoot Cosmetic's range of products, and because they are a new brand I'm excited to see what the future holds for them. I already have my eye on their Baked Highlighters. I will also definitely be keeping the Twist Pot in my every day essentials, as it's such a lovely concept and so easy to use!

If anything has taken your fancy, you can find out more about Covershoot Cosmetics range on their website Here, or if your a social being like myself, you can also find out more via their Twitter account Here.
A huge thank you to Covershoot Cosmetics for sending me these gorgeous products to try out!
*Items in this post were gifted to me, all opinions given are my own.


30 August 2016

The Classics

I've called this style post 'The Classics' as the whole outfit is made up of staple wardrobe pieces; A leather jacket, monochrome shirt and dark denim skirt. All items that are so versatile and can be worn separately, to create numerous outfits, as well as look amazing together.

I adore my faux leather jacket, it is definitely such an easy wearable piece. You can put it on with jeans and trainers for an edgy style, or have it slung over a silky dress, it works for both.

I chose this monochrome patterned shirt to keep the outfit simple, yet also add a bit of intrigue through the speckled pattern, it's a loose fitting, chiffon shirt - so really lightweight! Which is essential during this mid/end of season ,where we all really don't know whether to be buying dresses or coats!

Finally to tie the whole look together I wore a black, button down,  denim skirt. These skirts are so flattering and comfortable to wear. You can style them with a plain t-shirt and converse for that 'off-duty' laid back look, or a pretty shirt and heels for a glam day time vibe. Personally I can't wait to wear it with chunky knitted jumpers and some patterned boots! Stay tuned for that post!

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24 August 2016

9 Thoughts You'll Have If You're A Blogger

1. Twitter, why your character count so low! I'm expected to be able to write 8000 words in an exam, yet when I need it most, I'm given just 140 characters!

2. How come I have taken 100 photos and only 1 of them is bloggable. If this was film I'd be ruined, good job it's the digital age, delete, delete, delete!

3. I must move to New York, or London, or somewhere really cool, with lots of places to eat pretty food and drink endless cups of coffee, all of course whilst instagramming my new chanel handbag. Ahh a girl can dream.

4. Wait, it's nearly September?! Must take as many photos as possible before daylight becomes a distant memory!

5. I'm constantly battling between pretty dainty salads and big juicy burgers, and all the donuts, cronuts, and cake. Oh and the Froyo. Instagram why you do this to me.

6. How has 3 hours passed? I've only been browsing Pinterest, is this clock still working..?

7. I never have any money, I don't even know what I've spent it on. Eyes meet 7 starbucks cups, 3 new bags and 6 notepads, that were just too cute to pass up. hmmm.

8. This Insta pic is amazing, its everything, I love it. Oh it doesn't fit my theme. Damn.

9. How have I not mastered that whole sultry, deep in thought, staring into the distance look that all the bloggers have. I just look like I'm lost or have a serious case of RBF. Can I sign up for classes please?

I hope you've enjoyed this tongue in cheek post,
 let me know some of your thoughts as a blogger!
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